Frequently Asked Questions
Here at Impulse Foods we concentrate solely on the production of top quality 100% Organic GM free Tempeh.
Scroll down the list below to see our present range of Tempeh. 
To improve our range of products, new flavours and textures are being developed and introduced when available.
Our Tempeh contains no artificial or chemical flavourings or preservatives.
And no known Genetically  Modified ingredients! 
Only wholesome guaranteed organically grown soya, cultures and ingredients conforming to the 'Organic Farmers and Growers' certification UK2 are allowed anywhere near our production!   
Frozen Plain Tempeh
8oz - 227g  serves two.
Available in plain or herb and garlic flavour, this tempeh is our original product. It has a great flavour, and a firm chewable texture that's a particular favourite with children
 Will keep unopened in the freezer for up to 6mths.
Fry, steam or bake adding your own favourite herbs or flavours to taste.  Check out our recipes!
Frozen with Herb and Garlic.
8oz - 227g serves two.
Our popular frozen tempeh with added organic herbs and garlic.
Fresh Chilled Plain Tempeh
200g serves two.
Our best seller! To be found in your shop chiller cabinet. Those familiar with tempeh know how to create a delicious meal with this product. 
Check out our recipes  
All Fresh chilled Tempehs should be refrigerated and stored below 5c. and used within two days of purchase.
Fresh Chilled with Hemp
200g serves two.
This delicious Tempeh contains Organically grown hulled hemp seeds. A rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which are essential for human health. 

Please note or comment on Hemp seed and nut allergies!!!

Fresh Chilled Tempeh
 with Sea vegetables
200g serves two.
Another of our popular speciality Tempehs
Contains Arame and Hiziki sea vegetables, organic Tamari and organic lemon juice.
Frozen Organic Smoky Slices
with organic shoyu
114g serves one!
The vegetarian alternative to bacon!
You'll want to eat the  whole packet  yourself!

Its savoury smoky bacon flavour will prove that giving up that bacon 'sarnie' is no hardship! 
100% meat and dairy free.       

Remember to check out some of our recipe and serving suggestions HERE
More to come. Worth the wait!!                              
Remember: All our soya and other ingredients are guaranteed organic.
(There is one small warning we must mention about Hemp seed). 
Our popular chilled Tempeh with Hemp seeds, contains dehulled soft hemp seed. 
Which, while having extraordinary health benefits, can in rare cases cause a reaction to individuals with nut allergies !

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